I am very passionate about life and sharing the amazing things that people can do. I love to tell stories with my photography and video work. There are times in life when you experience a moment that is beyond your imagination and leaves an impact on your soul. What if you could relive those moments again by looking at a photograph?

For me photography is so much more than taking pictures it’s about reliving the experience, cherishing the moment, and embracing the beauty in life. I have always had a hunger for adventure and life changing moments. I love to explore and push myself beyond my comfort zone.

I hope that others will see my passion and the beauty of capturing those "special moments" in my line of work.  My goals are to contribute and share my passion with others and in doing so I hope to bring the excitement and beauty of the action to the viewer.              

My skydive pictures and articles have been published in both Parachutist Magazine and Blue Skies Mag.  I have also been featured on many social media sites for both still and video photography.  I share images on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and my personal website.  I hope you enjoy my work, as much as I have enjoyed the journey that it has taken me to achieve it.  

I shoot with Nikon DSLR cameras in raw formats for my photography needs.  I use a variety of cameras including Nikon and GoPro when shooting and editing video for production and make any necessary minor adjustments during post processing on my Apple MacBook Pro.  

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Curt Vogelsang

Wingsuit back- flying with smoke over the Ocean in Puerto Rico

Wingsuit back- flying with smoke over the Ocean in Puerto Rico

Curt Vogelsang and Jamie Leibert (not pictured but getting hand dock) back fly their @Squirrel.ws FUNK Wingsuits over the Atlantic Ocean while wearing smoke canisters and making a hand dock during the 14th Annual Free Fall Festival in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Picture by Jamie Leibert