Gear that I use:

I shoot stills and video with Nikon DSLR Cameras.

I shoot video with GoPro's, Nikon and Sony.

I use Nikor, Sigma, and Tameron glass on my Nikons

I use Apple products and software daily including a MacBook Pro 15" Retina, 27" iMac, iPhone, iPad. I use Final Cut Pro X for all my video editing needs. 

I wear Alti-2  products on every skydive including the Atlas, N3 and Galaxy. 

I use Vigil AAD's in both of my skydive rigs.

I jump Mirage Skydiving Containers.  Their fit and style is top notch!

I wear Tonfly helmets to mount my cameras. I own a 3X and a CC2.

I use Squirrel wingsuits, tracking suits, and advanced pilot chutes.

I wear Oakley Sunglasses for just about everything.

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